“Almost immediately, Elaine located these blockages.  When her hands hovered over my chest area, I could feel the passageways opening up.  It surprised me how my ailments were pinpointed in just one session!  I slept soundly that night and will be returning for more treatments.”             Extract from In Therapy (C Deasy, Natural Health Jan 2014)

The massage was so relaxing it felt much longer than 20 minutes and the feeling stayed with me for the rest of the evening.  (M.R.  Choreographer)

Elaine’s time offered more than an indian head massage. Instead I found that I was given an experience. One that not only took normal aches and pains away, but what also felt like a spiritual detox. I felt like child of nature by the end of the session having rid myself of the weeks stress that was defiantly rising. Thank you Elaine, your genuine and truly blessed with healing hands. (G.G. Photographer)

Elaine’s Reiki healing immediately located an area requiring attention.  During times of stress the treatment has enabled me to feel safe and unafraid. (N.M. Holistic Therapist)

I am floating in heaven   (S.   following Natural Lift Facial Massage 03/14)

Elaine has such a beautiful energy – I felt nurtured by her healing hands, transported somewhere very peaceful. With Elaine’s help I get into the deep meditative state – total relaxation of mind and body.’  RV

“Receiving healing from Elaine created a space for true release leading to deep relaxation at a time when I couldn’t access this any other way. I felt cradled, Elaine brings healing with empathy and I am grateful to have received her gifts.”  KE

Reiki with Elaine feels like an out of body experience and each time I have seen her I have experienced something different. It feels completely nurturing. During treatment I have felt like I was soaring and felt pulsating, healing waves over my chakras. In the days that follow a session a lot of  issues and pent up emotions have come to the surface – there is a feeling of release. Highly recommended!   AE


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