Reiki Therapy

Reiki relies on Universal Life Force Energy being transmitted to enable healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  
If you find this difficult to understand, just think about the App on your phone – you press it and a process most of us are ignorant about ensures you receive the information you need.  I just like to think of myself as a Reiki App, press it and a process begins which ensures what is needed is received.  The actual process doesn’t need to be completely understood in order to be trusted.   We trust processes we don’t understand every day of our lives.
Although there is no physical touch during a Reiki Seichem session,  evidence of the elements is generally  experienced as warmth, cold or sometimes feathery sensations.  Some people even see colours.  
reikipicReiki carries a responsibility, but that responsibility lies firmly with the giver.  The receiver needs only to relax  and enjoy.  Reiki can do no harm, the least it will do is provide deep relaxation and a good night’s sleep, the most it can do is  yet to be realised.  Some of my clients undergoing other therapies or treatments have found the benefits of these to be escalated when  combined with regular reiki.
Although able to be enjoyed as  a single experience, Reiki works best as a cumulative therapy.   Following four to five sessions, the receiver is generally feeling more centred, less reactive, emotionally safer and stronger, and is better equipped to deal with the physical, emotional and mental challenges in life.

 For a short introduction to a Reiki/Seichem session please go to


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