physical touch

It is a popular view that all change comes from within.  Looking inward, acknowledging our strengths, recognising our fears and areas where we lack confidence, can help us move away from patterns of behaviour which no longer benefit us and instead build the mental and physical tools needed to enhance and improve our lives.  However, change is not always easy and is very rarely a solitary process.  We all become inspired by the example of others, or by the needs of others, to improve ourselves and consequently our society.  Change for the better is healing by another name.

We are all encouraged to look after our physical selves on a daily basis – clean our teeth, wash our bodies, eat well, exercise regularly and sleep deeply.  It is short sighted to assume that this is the full solution to good overall health.  Holistic health means taking care of your whole self, including the emotional and whatever you personally relate to as the spiritual.

Looking after your physical self  has naturally become second nature; take time to extend that care and privilege to the other parts of your selves  – take a break from  day to day life and make space to just be. Enable yourself and positive change will follow.



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